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Centric Software - Client Testimonial for Synerzip

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Synerzip’s Role

Most of the engineering front for Centric is developed by Synerzip which includes all the new development on new products. New products, which mainly focus on latest technology stacks, are executed under Innovation Labs. Synerzip has a dedicated team to execute these projects. Centric is now moving to Cloud and this development is carried out by developing their SAAS Platform. Synerzip is also developing other products/services for Centric such as Product Catalog Portal and Headless PDF Service.

Key points

Synerzip’s focus on Agile development appealed to Centric.
Centric’s previous offshore development experience was not positive. Synerzip’s responsiveness to timezone issues, low attrition rate and technology expertise convinced Centric to try offshore again.
Timezone difference was an initial concern. Synerzip makes the time difference work for the customer, enabling a positive experience.
Centric believes “Seeing is Believing”; and the real-life experience makes the partnership successful.
Attrition at Synerzip is low, resulting in a stable team that ensures consistency in product development.

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